A Skillful Use of the Inventory Alert Convoys the Hot Products

Speaking of the stock out, probably many sellers will be shocked on hearing this word. I believe that experienced sellers all recall that the ranking will be dropped by more than ten pages in minutes once the stock out occurs. It is likely that their rankings developed in several months will fall behind overnight and such tragedy is what all sellers are unwilling to see. Read More

How to Deal with Negative Reviews on Amazon, 2018 Latest Method for Seeking Buyers Who Have Given Negative Reviews on Amazon

In spite of the many differences of Amazon from other e-commerce platforms, it is just the same that buyers posting negative reviews will seriously affect sales volume. A listing starts to steadily deliver dozens of orders each day only after months of hard efforts, and yet an unexpected negative review tends to result in sharp drop in sales volume. A listing originally embracing hundreds of orders on a daily basis may suddenly suffer from less than twenty orders or even no order at all. I suppose sellers who have once received negative reviews all know such grieving feelings. Read More

Five Practical and Free Tools Recommended to Amazon Sellers

An Amazon seller has to be equipped with all-around skills. In order to sell better than others, besides selling superior commodities with nice service, a seller also has to do well in utilizing various Amazon operation tools. As the old saying goes, a handy tool makes a handy man. Good operation tools can improve efficiency. Well begun is half done. Five free operation tools most frequently used by Amazon sellers will be introduced as follows. Read More

Amazon Releases Email Opt Out to All Marketplaces

Amazon Releases Email Opt Out to All Marketplaces—Sellers Need Global Blacklist More Than Ever

Last year Amazon started allowing its buyers to opt out of third-party seller email communication for the US marketplace. Those of you who sell in the US probably remember this or are already familiar with the effects this change caused.
However, Amazon recently launched this same option for buyers in all other marketplaces. So, if you’re selling in marketplaces outside of the US, you will need to pay attention. Read More