Is my data secure?

Enterprise AWS Cloud Service provides safe and reliable protection for your data. Meanwhile, it is guaranteed that we never share your data with another else, which is stated in our privacy page. Your data is completely secure!

Is my seller account secure?

The method to collect data is called Amazon MWS API, which is approved by official Amazon. We can’t and won’t login your amazon account. Your seller account is completely secure!

What marketplaces are supported?

At present, amz4seller supports 8 marketplaces, they are:

Amazon US marketplace (www.amazon.com)
Amazon Canada marketplace (www.amazon.ca)
Amazon Germany marketplace (www.amazon.de)
Amazon France marketplace (www.amazon.fr)
Amazon UK marketplace (www.amazon.co.uk)
Amazon Spain marketplace (www.amazon.es)
Amazon Italy marketplace (www.amazon.it)
Amazon Japan marketplace (www.amazon.co.jp)
Amazon Australia marketplace (www.amazon.co.au)

What is amz4seller

amz4seller is a business intelligence software that helps Amazon sellers with daily operation. It provides data analytics including sales analysis, product ranking monitor, inventory management, profitability calculator, reporting, PPC campaign optimization, review analysis, matching reviews with orders, listing optimization.