About amz4seller

What is amz4seller?

amz4seller is a business intelligence software that helps Amazon sellers with daily operation. It provides data analytics including sales analysis, product ranking monitor, inventory management, profitability calculator, reporting. More features to come including PPC campaign optimizaiton, review tracking and analysis, listing optimization.

What countries does amz4seller support?

At the moment, amz4seller supports 8 stores:

  • Amazon US store (
  • Amazon Canada store (
  • Amazon Germany store (
  • Amazon France store (
  • Amazon UK store (
  • Amazon Spain store (
  • Amazon Italy store (
  • Amazon Japan store (

We will be adding more stores soon.

Is it safe to use amz4seller? How do you keep data?

amz4seller is integrated with Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) API and Amazon Web Services (AWS) could platform. Your data will be stored securely and will never be shared with any third party. Please refer to our User Agreement for more details.

Account & Payment

Account Registration

Sign up with your email and password, and click on the link in the confirmaiton letter sent to your email in order to compelte the account registration.

Is amz4seller free?

At the moment amz4seller is free with time and feature limits. Follow us on Facebook and stay tuned on our updates.

Can I sign in my amz4seller account on different computers? Will my account get suspended?

Yes, you can sign in your amz4seller account on different computers. Your data is collected through Amazon MWS API so your account will not be associated.

Can I manage multiple stores at the same time?

At the moment you can manage multiple stores under the same Amazon seller account with one amz4seller account. If you want to manage other stores under a different seller account, you need to open another amz4seller account.

Do you have team features?

At the moment amz4seller only allows one user per account.

Buy Package

Is amz4seller free?

Yes, it's free with limited features. You can upgrade to paid version if needed.

How to purchase a package?

  1. Go to your accout and find 'Purchase' under your email.
  2. You can see the details of all packages.
  3. Click 'Purchase' and go to the paymet page. At the moment we only support AliPay.

Can I still use it after my package expires?

You can still use the free version after your package expires though you might not be able to access some features or receive updated data, so you are recommended to renew your package as soon as it expires.

Seller Account Authorization

How does amz4seller collect my data?

  1. Select your seller account, copy the develper ID and 'authorize'
  2. Developer's name is amz4seller and paste the develper ID, and click 'Next'. Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS)
  3. Agree to the terms, and click 'Next'. Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS)
  4. Save the Seller No. and MWS authorization code. Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS)
  5. Go back to the dashboard. Fill in the seller no. and MWS authorization code. Veify and save.

Note: You can only authorize one Amazon seller account in your amz4seller account. If you have mutiple seller accounts, you need another amz4seller account.

If you need to use features such as Campaign Analysis and Product Sales and Traffic, further authorization is required.

  1. Log into your Amazon seller account and go to User Permissions under Settings.
  2. Enter the given email address of new user and send invitation to amz4seller.
  3. Refresh seller dashboard page. Copy the verification code found in the Peding Users list and paste it below to complete the authorization.
  4. If you you have problem with the verification code or fail to authorize, please try a few times. If the problems persists, please remove the given email address from Invited Users or Pending Users.

Update Logs

2017-10-11 Update

  1. Supports credit card purchase;
  2. Added Amazon "Manual Ads Analysis";
  3. Added data visualization of the recent Amazon manual and automatic ads in the dashboard';
  4. Improving user experience;
  5. Fixed bugs.

Product Sales and Traffic

This feature helps you track product sales and traffic.

Since Amazon does not provide proudct traffic data, you need to download and install our plugin in order to see the data.

The system automatically visualizes all your sales data into graphs so that you can easily analyze your sales trends.

You can also mark down important events on the graph so that you can see how advertising, promotion and running out of inventory affect your sales.

Category Ranking

This features helps you track your product rankings under each category.

Just add the products you want to track.

You can see the rankings under main category and sub-category.

You can also mark down events on the graph.

It takes some time to collect the data so you will not see the ranking right after you add the prouducts.

Keyword Ranking

Keyword ranking determines your products' traffic volumne under specific keywords.

Just add the products your would like to track.

Then add related keywords.

You can then start checking your daily keyword rankings.

Sales Analysis

Your revenue is analyzed based on your Amazon sales data as well as cost of items and related shipping fees you specify.

Calculate the gross profit margin of all orders (excluding inactive items). Gross Margin = Gross Profit / Revenue

Calculate the gross profit of all orders (excluding inactive items). Gross Profit = Revenue -subscription fees - cost of advertising - cost of items - FBA fees - promo rebates

Calculate the revenue of all orders (excluding inactive items).

Calculate the cost of of all orders (excluding inactive items) including subscription fees, PPC advertising fees, cost of items, FBA fees and promo rebates.

Hover over the graphs for more datails.

This table shows the details of product sales and cost.

It would be accurate if you fill in the cost of item, shipping fees and so on.

Inventory Management

Inventory Dashboard:

Here you get an overview of the inventory of all your selling items. You can refer to the number of units sold in the past 7/15/30 day to improve instock performance.

Inventory Alert:

This feature helps improve your inventory efficiency based on your past sales performance by sending you alert emails when you need to restock with suggested amount. If you don't want to receive alerts for certain items, you can opt out.

You can go to Setting to choose your perferences. If you are out of stock, we will send you an email alert.

New Offer Alert

This features sends you email alerts when your items have competing offers.

Just add the products you want to track and click on 'Details' for more information.

Automatic Campaign Analysis

This feature helps track and analyze your automatic campaign performance.

After authorization you can access your campaign reports.

Click on each campaign for keyword performance and suggested actions.

This tool helps estimate your revenues. Please note that each metric should be entered as the average of each unit.


Enter the ASIN and get the keywords.

At the moment the feature is only available for Amazon US store.

Only succesful searches are counted towards the usage limit.